Why Can’t You Send Me a Dozen Logos to Pick From?

Our years of experience in this industry have given endless anecdotes of unrealistic client expectations. The most common and the most teasing ones have been related to logo options.

Clients often request for a stack of options to choose from and we are embarrassingly arrested with this insult.

Yes, an insult it is – to your brand identity as well as to our ethos.

A logo looks like the most basic and the smallest component of your project with us. We agree that it is basic, But it is neither small nor insignificant, and that’s precisely because everything is built on it. Your logo is your symbol. It defines you and hence, must be crafted very carefully.

Dear clients, it is impossible to churn out designs by dozens while focusing on your brand image. As creative geeks, we shall never compromise on quality.

We work very hard at all times and at all levels of the project to render a unique design for you. For good results, your strategic understanding and partnership is very important. the first help often is narrowing down on the most relevant logo design from amongst the given 2 or 3 options.

Trust us and we will beautify you.


Ritu Khatiwala


Jan 5, 2018


Logo Design, Branding